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I'm Danii/Kit/Kattalyst. Hallo! My life is mostly yuri, but I enjoy other things as well. You'll notice them throughout my blog. n.n

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  1. My reason for having handheld gaming systems.

    Yea, sure, there are plenty of games out for things like the PSP and the DS-line. But asides from those, I do have an actual reason for owning them—- a little something from my inner gamer. Now, because I do get bored, I can’t sit in a room doing nothing.

    This is the best example I can give as to why I have them. You see, back sometime around 2000-2005ish? there was that one really nasty solar flare that knocked out power and such. Well, my folks and I were in the living room, but when the sun set, we had to pull out candles. What did I do? Ha! I pulled out my fully charged PSP and played that until the battery died. What would I have done if the battery died on that? Go to my DS Lite. And if that had died? GBA SP. If that died? GBA.

    As of right now, I still have my GBA, GBA SP, PSP, 2 DS Lites (A pokemon nerd has to be able to trade. /foreveralone), and a DSi. Next in line I’ll probably get the 3DS and just for the hell of it, a DSi XL or whatever. You gotta be prepared for when the power goes out. P:

    Just sayin’.

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    1. magicalmog88 said: I remember that as well! I too, also pulled out my game system. If I couldn’t go on the internet or use the ps2, I was for sure going to find a way to play my games!! lol <3
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